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Head Tails Game
Price : $25
Demo :

Description :

LR Head Tail game php script (or Coin Flip Game) is an Libertyreserve based game. You'll be able to choose between HEAD or TAIL. If you are right you will be paid 250% (depend setting) of your bet, and the prize is directly paid into your Libertyreserve account. Head tail game is 100% automatic and you can completely be sure that script cannot cheat on you, it's fair gaming and is 100% secure. There are no limits on how often you can play. Note that head tail script does not have an admin area and. Support Libertyreserve

- Unlimited Domain + Source Code
- Support PHP 5 & MySQL 5, screenshoot my Cpanel

Payment PHPHYIP.net

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  Product Name : Gold Game LR

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