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Rank System

Now. Lots of Lister sorts their lists is in default setting.usually sorted by Payout Ratio.
For example: 1st-325%,2nd-270%,3rd-152%,4th-85%
So when a new hyip added. it should at the bottom as its Payout Ratio is 0%. if you want to move this new hyip to the top1 place. you cant do it. and if Hyip admin want you move his site to a higher place. you cant do it too. unless you make fake getpaid records in your database. but this is cheating your referrals or vistors.

Rank system can let you adjust the Hyip place in your lister as you wanted.
For example: there 4 lists in your PREMIUM lists now.
1st-A,2nd-B,3rd-C,4th-D (1A-2B-3C-4D).

You can adjust their place in admin area. it's easy and automatic.
For example:
if you "Change Place #4 to Place #2".then the new place will become 1A-2D-3B-4C. (listing up base on 1A-2B-3C-4D)
if you "Change Place #2 to Place #4".then the new place will become 1A-2C-3D-4B. (listing down base on 1A-2B-3C-4D)

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