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Paid Fee

Paid fee first then add listing system:
Now. lots of lister adding listing is in this setting.
Add_listing form--->Paid Fee--->Get monitorbutton code.
this way have a problem. as if someone (Ad spammer) just submit lots of AD (use automiatc software) in "Add_lising form".your mailbox will get lots of un-needed spam letter and in admin area (Waiting aprrove list). there are lots of un-needed spam AD.

With Paid fee first then add listing system.
The adding listings mode will become:
Paid Fee--->Add_listing form--->Get monitorbutton code.
Then.Ad Spamer cant submit any AD into your lister as he havnt paid fee to you first. for HYIP admin.if he paid via the form in your add_listing page. for example. he buy PREMIUM listing,Fee is $50.

Then. after he success paid.script will redirectly him to add_listing form http://xxxxx.xxx/?a=add&type=1&batch_no=12345678

(his batch_no).
after he finish fill in the form and submit.
Script will check his info first.
1.his batch_no is availbed?
2.his amount is right?
3.his adding type is right?

if all ok. then script will show him monitorbutton code and actived his HYIP in lister directly.

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